umbrellaSMPTCMAAS has secured an agreement with HUB International Insurance Brokers to provide Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance to PTCMAAS members. The provider is Novex Insurance.

Full-time professional members (working at least 30 hours per week) may apply to purchase Professional Liability insurance, Commercial and General Liability insurance, and Commercial Property insurance using the forms above.

HUB International has staff who can speak English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese Chinese for your assistance (see below).

PTCMAAS members can start to apply for their TCM program by completing the attached application forms (above) and state when you wish to begin the coverage;  email/fax the completed/signed forms .

HUB will review the forms and then confirm the exact amount payable, for final approval.

Once you confirm the quote, HUB can immediately bind the coverage as from the effective date as requested by you and you can then mail HUB a cheque for the payment.

HUB will send an Insurance Certificate to the member once the cheque is received.

Please do note that in the Professional Liability/CGL application form:

1.    On the top right hand corner, your member is required to fill in your Society's membership number.  We have also put in the CTCMPAO membership number (the Ontario College registration number), which your member does NOT need to complete UNLESS they have also applied for the Ontario College Registration.  I have intentionally left that number in the application because we do have experience that some practitioners in other provinces also registered with the Ontario College and so we need to know their registration number as we have to issue a different insurance certificate, in compliance with the Ontario College's requirements.

2.    Question 4 - Total no. of hours per week DEVOTED to TCM services - this is one of the most common questions that was wrongly answered.  Please note that it is the no. of hours DEVOTED to TCM Services and NOT the time TREATING their patients!  Hence, if the practitioner is in the clinic 8 hours per day, 5 days per week = 40 hours     although he/she may not be treating a patient every minute while he/she is in the clinic.  Also note that our     program can only accept FULL TIME practitioners who devotes at least 30 hours per week in TCM services!

3.    Question 9 - the Professional Liability Insurance is a Claims Made Policy with a Retroactive Date (see the     attached Article for more explanation of this type of coverage).  Therefore, if any of your members already has     Professional liability insurance coverage currently, we can provide them with the SAME RETROACTIVE DATE when they     move to our TCM program, provided that their prior Prof Liab insurance also has similar TCM/acupuncture coverage.      In order to    do so, we need a copy of their current Prof liab insurance certificate, showing their name, policy     coverage period and the Retroactive Date.  Please email their current insurance cert to us together with the     application.

4.    Question 10 - Commercial General Liability (CGL) - this covers bodily injury/property damage to a third party as a     result of the TCM operations (other than the professional services which is covered under the Prof Liab) e.g.     someone slip and fall inside the clinic (including home clinic), OR there is a burst pipe in the premises     resulting in property damage to their Neighbours OR Product Liability resulting from the sale of the TCM Herbs     and/or TCM Related products!   If your member does NOT require the CGL, just check "NOT REQUIRED" and do not have     to complete the other questions under Question 10 but if they do require CGL, they MUST fully complete Question     10.

5.    The CPKG (Commercial Property Package) Application is for the coverage of the TCM clinic Own property/contents including Business Interruption etc. Again, if the member does NOT want this CPGK coverage, they do NOT have to complete this CPKG App form.  If they do require this coverage, please fully complete this application and we can send them a quote for consideration, as the premium for property/contents varies based on the location, premises age, construction as well as the limits as required by the member. The $55,000 and $100,000 limit are only the common limits required but your client can request any limit above $55,000 (which is our minimum limit) e.g. $75,000 or $50,000 etc.

If you and/or any of your members have any further questions relating to this program, please ask them to contact one of our TCM program team members listed below.  However, we do have different TCM programs for different groups, so, please kindly make sure that they mention that they are a member of the Saskatchewan Provincial TCM Society which has recently been accepted into the TCM program, so that we can answer their enquiries promptly and correctly.

Anthony Chan - 905 948-2747 /
Marisa Chan - 905 948-2748 /
Fenny Lau - 905 948-2749 /

Fax: 1-866-694-4981

Finally, please do note that we can only accept cheques/bank drafts and/or money order for payment but cannot accept any credit cards, autopay or monthly instalment payment for this program due to the low premiums involved.

Additional detailed coverage information is available from PTCMAAS (approximately 100 pages).